Trend micro warns internet users to stay away from apps claiming to report Facebook profile visitor data


Most users on Facebook are curious about which of their friends visited their profile page. Although there are some apps and websites claiming they can provide this information Trend Micro warns it is not possible to have access to this kind of information.

Trend Micro warns internet users to stay away from this kind of apps

The latest statement by the security software company Trend Micro reveals that such applications are completely false and that no one can really access this information. A significant portion of Facebook users are uploading applications that claim to show this information to find out who visited their profiles and which friends looked at their photos. Officials of the security software company, who recently made a statement about these applications, explained that such applications should never be installed, and that these type of apps might be stealing login information of the users.

Underlining that no such authorization is given to users or application developers in any way, experts said that by installing these applications it is not possible for users to learn which users visited their profile pages.

In fact, the logic of such applications is quite simple: First, users install the application and enter their login information, after a certain period of time, users will see a list of their friends’ names. According to the application’s claim, all of the names in this list consist of those who frequently visited the person’s profile. However, considering the opinion of experts on this issue, it turns out that such a situation is not the case. Such applications either randomly generate these lists, or create them based on the names that have recently updated their “message” status or “photos” on Facebook.


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